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CTcon 2010

Bad person is me

Gah. So I know I said there’d totaaaally be a page monday, but alas, circumstances beyond my control had our 2:30 pm flight (which was supposed to have us home by 5:30) cancelled for a flight that ended up leaving at almost 8 pm (which got us home at almost 11 due to weather conditions) and then the plane almost lost our bag, so we had to wait around the airport for an hour while they looked around for it (found it!), so needless to say we ended up sleeping over at brion’s parents place since we didn’t feel like driving into our scary neighborhood at after 2 in the morning. And since I was there, I opted to get all the accounting homework done at his house with his accountant father there to help me (as I’m in the chapters now where you calculate FICA and stuff–totally gross stuff) that’s due next monday, so I won’t have to work on anything while I’m at Comic Con.

Speaking of Comic Con, you can yell at me in person at booth O1 in the small press section. To put things in perspective, we’ll be right across the aisle from Oni Press, so if you were looking to get your Scott Pilgrim books signed by Brian Lee O’Malley, you might as well schwing by our table after you get outta his line. Its super swank. Like all years, feel free to bring on delicious baked good donations! We’re usually too busy to get food ourselves, so typically we end up starving until the con closes. It really blows =(

Couple things that’re new–the Harley Quinn poster that debuted at Anime Expo. I only had 50 printed up for the show, and since 10 of them sold out at the beginning of day 2 of AX, if you want one, get it as soon as you can because they’ll prolly go equally as fast. Also, I’ll have my new Ninja Jedi shirt there! It’s a really cute design, and I’m really proud of it! I’ll also be doing sketches and commissions like usual, so yeah, schwing by, say hi, etc ^^


Bad brion

Gah, so I reaaaaaally wanted to have a page to update for today, and I was halfway done with it, but Brion was silly and forgot our art case thing with all the comic boards in it, which means not only was the page I was working on left behind, but I can’t really work ahead like a planned, either >< On the plus side though, the page =is= half inked, so when I come back on Sunday (my dad's getting remarried in Texas this weekend) there should be a page come Monday. In the meantime, I did do a guest strip for Flipside, so be sure to check that out! Also, I posted pages 3 and 4 of Pandora on deviantART in a two-page spread, so be sure to check those out too! Super cool back-to-back like that! ^^

As to the con comic, well, as I said before, Dave is suuuuper awesome when he’s drunk, as he’s a super chatty/ranty drunk. It’s awesome–on the way out of the bar, he was doing “Freestyle walking” which was basically him running up to everything and jumping in a lil’ circle, calling that a 180 (a la Tony Hawk) XD And Dave+Brian Wilson drunk together? Epic. Especially since they spent a good half hour discussing Dave’s nipples.

And yes! Pie! Always appreciative for pie (or any baked good for that matter–we don’t get to leave the table very often ;_; )! But twilight pie–so conflicting!! We did eat it though, and it was tasty for fast-food pie =D

Finally, we had fun chatting with David Willis from across the aisle, and we got to chat with Matt from Cyanide and Happiness also. Both were super cool dudes, and you should totally give their comics a looksee if you haven’t already =)

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