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Akon 2010!

Sorry ;_;

Ack, so because of the cons, I fell suuuuper behind schedule on the Pandora short story I’m drawing for the Reading With Pictures anthology. I have 10 pages to color before the end of June, and right now I have one page inked, one page pencilled, and two pages with one panel each pencilled. So I’m kinda behind >< BUT, as long as I can get my butt into gear over the weekend, I should be back on track and be able to start up MR updates again either Monday or next Friday. My main goal is to get all the pages pencill'd this weekend, with a hope of getting some of them inked, too. But mainly having all of them pencilled would be super awesome.

But yeah, good news! MR book 3 (and the reprint of book 1) is due to be shipped out to me June 28 pending unforseen crazy things. This means I should =probably= have boxes of both for Anime Expo! The reprint of book 1 is printed on the same bright white paper book 2’s on, and I made sure to go back and fix the text so hopefully it won’t be cut off on this go-round. I also swapped the first twelve pages for the remix’d pages I did way back when, though it’s more of a thing to attract new people who’ve never heard of my comic to grab the book than to get you wonderful people who bought the first edition of the book to buy another one (pleaaaaase don’t do that because I hate it when directors make 9 different editions of DVDs and I really don’t wanna be one of those people who abuses the niceness and generosity of her fans–which is why I linked those pages in the first place ^^; )

Speaking of niceness and generosity though, holy cow, thanks to everyone for supporting me not only this year but last year at the conventions and online sales and stuff. I basically spent all the cash I had to print the books, so I was soooo nervous about not having any money, but then at Akon+Fanime everyone grabbed lots of stuff so I’m all right! I have the nicest, most amazing readers out there, and I have to say I really appreciate every little bit of love and support you throw my way (especially when I’m a jerk and can’t update x.x ) Also, because I get this a lot, please don’t be shy about telling me you read the comic at a show–believe me, I’m waaaaay more excited to meet you than you could possibly be to meet me! Except in the very early morning though–when the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet–at that point I’m not really even sure =I’m= alive much less anyone else ^^;;

Also, big shout out to Loki for hooking me up with the adapter I needed for my monitor to work! And for everyone else who emailed/noted me with the type of adapter I needed to get it to work! It’s suuuuper sweet knowing that if I ever have a question on anything relating to computers, I can just ask and a legion will answer =D

But a couple things to distract you from your lack of comic today:

An AMAZING review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace done by a creepy serial killer. The thing that makes this series of reviews amazing is that not only is it hilarious, disturbing, and all around awesome, but it’s actually a really well-thought out and analyzed review on why the movie didn’t work. He’s also done reviews for Ep 2, as well as all the Star Trek: Next Gen movies, so definitely check them out!

A surprisingly well done fan-made Dragon Age series, done in full 3D with the dao toolset. Seriously, this is super well-done–even if you don’t like/play the game, it’s very well directed, acted, and pretty well written if you like dark fantasy. And yes, it really makes me wanna play Awakening, but I haven’t really played annnny games (unless you count Pokemon on the car ride home from Texas =\ ) since like, March. The downside to working in webcomics, my dearies, but at least there’re others with more free time makin’ cool videos!

This just blew me away. Sculpting and sewing (at least, sewing well) are things I’ve alllllways wished I could do, and seeing the stuff this girl and her team are able to accomplish with regular stuff you can buy at Home Depot is just awe-inspiring. I really hope she gets into the doc she’s shooting for, or at least gets a lot wider recognition for her talents because jesus christ that Krogan was AMAZING.


Akon 2010!

Hey all!

So we’re still in Texas, but we’ll hopefully be back super late Tuesday night. I did this comic in bed on my laptop, so that’s why it’s a lil’ wobblier than usual, but hopefully still somewhat readable (or at least as readable as they ever are XD ).

So yeah, I’ll be honest, I really didn’t want to go to Akon so soon after fanime, especially since we really only had a day at our house, and for the most part that was spent doing laundry and repacking everything into the car. But I didn’t want to let anyone down, and I wanted to see everyone, and I didn’t want poor brion to have to drive the 16 hours down to texas all by himself so….there you go XD I did have a really good time though! Even though it was suuuuper hot, it was kinda nice. I ran out of book 1 at fanime, so for this con I didn’t bother to do the salesmany thing (for the record, I’m a terrible salesperson anyway. I feel too guilty forcing things on people =( ) and just kinda hung out at the table, did some commissions (which I really enjoy doing), and talked to people. It’d be kinda relaxing if it wasn’t suuuuper hot, really loud, and full of people XD

But anyway, there was a lot of people who grabbed a card last year and wanted to grab book one. It was really depressing going, “No….I sold out…but it’ll be here in 3 weeks!” and having everyone go “Oh. Ok….well, seeya.” I’m sorry guys!! I tried not to sell them all, I really did! XD But like I said above, there were also a lot of people who just pre-ordered the reprint and picked up the rest of the books as well. I salute you guys! ^^

It was super fun this year, too because I got to be on a panel with Mookie and Shawn. I kinda felt bad for Shawn though because Mookie and I both talk super loud and tend to ramble on until we get our points out, so its tough to get a word in edgewise…as was the particular memorable scene the panel depicts. I should say that for the record, because Shawn didn’t think I was obvious enough, I really do like Shawn–we’re very good friends. I just like to give him a hard time. A lot. Especially when he interrupts me after I’ve been waiting for Mookie to finish his point for 10 minutes to tell a dumb joke! SCREW YOU SHAWN!!! But it was a super fun panel, and hopefully the people who were there got something out of it =)

Lastly, it was very, very, VERY hot on saturday. I don’t usually sweat a lot, but towards saturday evening, sweat was pouring off me in rivers. It was suuuuuper gross, but luckily the super AMAZING akon staff was running around everywhere with a big thing of water making sure everyone stayed hydrated and…not passed out. I think it reached well over 90 saturday, and it was humid. Under these conditions the otaku funk was…well, it was indescribable. I feel bad for those who attended the Iron Artist thing. I was reaaaaaally tired by that point, and kinda wanted to just get away from the table for a little bit (Which is why I agreed in the first place, haha ), so hopefully ya’ll didn’t mind me being not my usual happy, bouncy self. It was just really hot. And really late. And my Black Black was wearing off =\\\

Anyways, hopefully the adapter I need for my monitor has arrived by the time we get back so I can finally get back to giving you lovely people some pages! Thanks a lot, all! ^^

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