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Fanime Con 2010 Report!

Fanime 2010!

Sorry for the delay–our internet connection was down for hourssss =(

Anyways, Fanime was awesome! Though super cold in San Jose–when we left Chicago, it was around 90ish with like, 70% humidity. So while I figured that Cali would be a lil’ cooler, I was expecting like, 70-75….not like, low 60s. So my wardrobe of mini-skirts, tank tops and tiny-tees did not go over so good. BUT, it warmed up towards the end, so it was all awesome. At least, until we got back to 90+ degree Chicago with its insane humidity.

Anyways, the con did start off super slowly, and I was really nervous when I didn’t make any money in the first bunch of hours (as plane tickets+meals+hotel fees add up =( ). But it eventually picked right up, as I was rushed by a bunch of super awesome MR fans! The book 1s that I had at Fanime were the last copies of the first printing of book 1 that I had, and by Sunday afternoon they were gone. It was kinda awesome, though also kinda sad because now I don’t have any books for Akon.

And you might think I’m being a lil’ nitpickey about the cleric/celeric thing, but it was just super weird because literally, every other person couldn’t pronounce it properly. Which just seemed a lil’ odd to me. What was odder though, was that half of the people who misread it still laughed at the joke. But whatever! XD

Black Black is super amazing. Its kinda weird tasting, but it gives you the perfect lil’ mid-afternoon boost without the gross taste of an energy drink. Of course, I did not know this when I first tried it, and had it right after I finished my 2nd cup of coffee….it was kinda awesome XD

Finally, Brion sold out of books, too, so on sunday/monday he was using his sign techniques to help me sell shirts (since by that point, that’s all we had left). For those not familiar with Brion’s sign charade, it’s basically like a series of cue cards that pitch his books to you–an analog powerpoint presentation if you will. His custom version for the shirts was super awesome, though in return, I’m now his Tatsunoko v. Capcom slave XD

Anyways, we’re here in Illinois for one glorious day (today) and then A-kon ho! Come visit me in the artist’s alley! ^^

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