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Anime Central 2010

Long overdue Acen wrap up

So had a LOT of work to catch up on (many projects, not enough me…), so I never got around to writing up the explanation of this comic.

First off, if you went to Acen last year, then you are probably familiar with the very lovely Heather dressing up as Gothgirl to be my super awesome booth babe. But alas, this year she decided to sell her own art at her own table (for which we were very proud of), so I had to sell everything solo. Which is kind of hard when you’re working a con for like, almost 10 hours, especially as a girl, because bathroom breaks need to be had! I didn’t really get to see the dealer’s room at all (aside from the funimation booth and the kilt booth which happened to be on the way to the bathrooms) and only really got to visit the alley after it closed and everyone was already gone….but it looked really fun! XD In any event, skipping ahead to the third panel, on Sunday Veronica AKA Screaming Fangirl just looked super tired and I had a bunch of commissions to do, so I had her take over selling things while I worked on gettin’ my drawrings done. It was super awesome because even tired she’s still full of energy, and does a MUCH better job describing and selling my comic than I do XD So hopefully next year she’ll be the official booth babe extraordinaire! ^^

As for panel 2….well, Dave has kind of become a project of Karian and I. I can’t really remember how it started, but little by little it’s been more and more difficult for Dave to claim he’s hetero, and this all culminated on Sunday night when at dinner we came up with all these horribly vile scenarios about a yaoi doujin featuring Dave either raping or being raped by all the men in webcomics. It was a truly epic experience, because this went on for at least an hour and a half of us (and eventually Dave) just giggling about the horrible things he’d do/get done, while all the other guys just kinda stared at us uncomfortably.

Finally, we didn’t realize it but we left the window open sunday night and this HUGE moth came in. I am a super jumpy person–especially with flying things, because I had a super traumatic experience as a child where a bird of some kind got stuck in my hair and was clawing at my head/face trying to get out ( it was also a wild bird, so it was really out of fricken’ NOWHERE)), so I was kinda cowering on our fold out couch (aka shawn’s bed for the weekend) with a blanket over my head screaming “KILL IT!” while the guys were just like “meh.” and went to sleep. It was super depressing because everyone hates me and likes to see me suffer =(

But seriously, this thing was the size of a silver dollar. It was fricken’ HUGE. I also hate moths in general because when Doom 3 first came out I was playing it in the dark super late at night with only the computer monitor for light, and once again, this moth came outta NOWHERE and floated across the screen right as some sort of demony-thing was popping out at me from the game, which caused me to leap backwards, which knocked the chair over backwards, tumbling me off said chair, and forcing me to slam my elbow on a pile of CDs that my dad had lying around, making said elbow very bloody. So yeah, natural things that fly should be shot down and killed. *eyes the skies warily*

Annnnnyways, now that you’re all aware of what a paranoid nutjob I am, Hey San Jose! I’ll be in your base! Touchin’ your stoofs! Eatin’ yo’ foodz! Because fanime con’s this coming weekend! Yay! And immediately after that I’ll be invading Texas for Akon! So there’s enough sky-fear for everyone! Yay! ^^

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