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Anime Central!

Hey guys!!

I’ll be at Anime Cental this weekend so please swing by my table in the Artist’s Alley! I’ll be selling the last of the first printing of Book 1, setting up pre-orders for book 3, and selling all the shirts and stuff. And I’ll be doing commissions, of course! I’m right by the entrance to the Alley against the wall, booth 51. You really can’t miss my table because it’s big and PURPLE!

I’ll also have a few prints in the Art Show, so check those out, too! And of course, always taking pie and coffee donations! ^^


No comic today

Hey guys!

Sorry, but at the moment I’m at my parents’ house doin’ some laundry before Anime Central, so I don’t have access to my files. BUT, next Wednesday there will for sure be another comic, with the story ending next Friday. Monday it’ll return to regular updates!

So yeah, if you’re in the Chicagoland area, please swing by the Mystic Rev booth at Acen! It’ll be purple and pretty!! ^^


Good news, bad news

Bad news is that I’ve gotta finish laying out this book and book 1 (so there won’t be cut off text in the reprint!) like, ASAP so it can get done in time for all the July shows (at least, that’s the hope x.x ), so I won’t be updating MR with new pages for the next 2 weeks.

Good news is that I will be updating MR with the MR bonus comic for book 3. It will be posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and it’s 7 pages total. But I gotta warn you–once it’s done, it’s done, it’s goin’ off the site to reside happily in the pages of book 3. So yeah, hopefully you like it enough to pre-order it because that’d be super rad.

And yes, while I am always happy to throw in a good Star Wars referernce, I figured this wonderful debate would be a great way to explain how this conversation got started. Sorta. But for the record, if we’re talking like, an actual army vs. army battle, I’d probably have to side with Thrawn, because he’s a pretty crafty dude, and Palpitine’s whole military contributions were basically “Let’s build a reaaaaaally big gun, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll build a bigger one!” XD

Not sure who the hell Thrawn is? He’s from the Heir to the Empire trilogy. It’s really one of the better sets of books in the expanded universe, and it introduced some really sweet characters–aside from Thrawn the numero uno being Mara Jade who’s totally badass. But yeah, I’m going to stop myself from geeking out further, but if you are interested in peering into my madness definitely check out the books.


DnD game!

Live streamin’ our DnD game right now! We’ll prolly go til like, 9-10 pm CST, so tune in any time! ^^


My sister’s eye operation!

So ok, first off, yep, Yu-Gi-Oh! It always bothered me that Joey pinned his hopes for raising the money for his sister’s operation on winning a tournament for a game he never played. And the fact that he did manage to make it all the way to the finals of the tournament for said game really made me mad because it totally made me mad because it was like, what kind of lesson is that? I can’t really remember the show, but did he try to get a job? Or better yet, as his good friend who is the living embodiment of the spirit of gaming to share some of the prize money with him (which is what happened anyways), so he could spend as much time with his sick sister as he possibly could. And yeah, I realize it’s silly to analyze a cartoon about ‘heart of the cards’ and all that jazz, but still, sloppy writing is sloppy writing!

But Alistair’s more like, “Meh, I’ve made it this far, might as well try". He actually does play the game, which is the difference. Also, I picture him having a voice like Mathew McConaughey, sorta a slow drawl. So there you go. XD

Acen’s in 2 weeks. That’s pretty exciting. We’ll be there, so you should too!

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