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c2e2 2010 report!


C2E2 was a very long weekend.

First off, I didn’t have a table, instead I was camped out at the VG Cats/Halolz table. Basically, the weird thing is that it seemed like there were way more exhibitors (or people with exhibitor badges) wandering around the con than actual attendees. At least from where we were sitting. So it was kinda tough to make money, because the exhibitors were just kinda like, “Well….if we make any money we’ll see.” We were also sandwhich’d between two autograph sellers–the weird thing is that the one guy was selling Carrie Fisher’s (Princess Leia) autograph for like, $70-$80, when Carrie Fisher was actually =at= the convention doing signings. He even made the point of getting like, 5 more things signed from her, and then proceeded to mark them up super high. That made me kinda sad because like, it’s one thing to sell an autograph for say, the guy that was O’Neil on SG 1, because he wasn’t there, and if people wanted to get his autograph there you go. But since Carrie Fisher was actually there, that’s kinda taking business away from her. Furthermore, going back and getting her to sign more stuff is taking away a real fan’s opportunity to get something signed by her, as I’m assuming they cut off her line at a certain point. But whatever. It just made me sad a little.

Anyway, after the show everyone was kinda depressed and we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings to get our drink on. As our designated driver, Brion occupied himself in video poker, impressing us by three-tabling all by himself. It was super impressive.

And the buddy I’m talking about in panel two is my friend Anthony Kozar. He’s a professional visual effect artist and makes a living designing these wicked cool halloween masks. He was doing monster makeovers all weekend, and I was lucky enough to snag myself a creepy zombie one. The only downside is that my camera was dead, so I’m hoping he’ll post pics on his own at some point x.x

Finally, because we wanted to get out of there super quickly, we managed to get all our stuff packed up at like, 5:15-5:30ish. Scott went to go get the car. A half hour later, we asked Karian to go after scott, since Scott forgot his phone. 15 minutes later she called to tell us the line to get into the dealer hall was not moving at all. It took us four hours to get our car into the loading dock–the line was literally backed up all the way up 31st avenue all the way to the highway. So aside from the fact that that’s like, super lame that we had to wait that long for what ultimately amounted to 15 minutes of load-in time, it was also super unsafe! What if there was like, a fire or some sort of emergency or something? We’d all be dead! XD To give it context, Otakon, in all its chaos, which I think had more people there than C2, Otakon had us waiting 45 minutes to get to the loading dock. Granted they also insisted that if everyone didn’t get done within that hour that we wouldn’t be allowed to use the loading dock at all, but by golly we got outta there in that hour.

The main thing is that Reed–who ran C2E2 and NYCC and NY Anime Fest, is a for profit company. Most conventions are run by fans–even the San Diego Comic Con is run non for profit, with all of the money made going back into the convention to make it more awesome for next year. With Reed, the tables for the artist alley were super expensive–$450, which when compared to San Diego Comic Con’s $350 tables is super expensive for what you’re getting. They charged the dealers not only for the space, but to get tables and chairs, and then when a dealer’s chairs were stolen from her they refused to give her more chairs or even look into who took them. When we spoke to the floor manager, he said that if he noticed any artist making over $1000, he’d kick them out and force them to get a dealer’s table. But when you’re looking at $450 for the table itself, plus say, $50 for food, $20/day for parking, and lord knows what else for hotel if you’re not local, then $1000 is baaarely breaking even, and nowhere near if you actually flew out. If the tables were like, $100, it’d be another story.

But the for-profit thing too sucks in that, as an attendee, there’s not much in the way of programming. I think they maybe had like, one-two panels running at a time, and there was only the one screening room. So it kinda sucked because aside from the dealer’s room, there wasn’t all that much to do if you weren’t interested in the two things that were happening in that hour. It just seemed kinda weird–you have Neil Gaimon there, and he’s only doing one panel? George freaking R.R. Martin is there (author behind the Game of Thrones books, which if you haven’t read yet, get on ‘em immediately!) and there’s no panel discussing the HBO show? (granted I suppose HBO might wanna debut it at the SDCC, but I doubt they wouldn’t mind giving the con some promo posters and stuff to build the buzz). How about a screening of Star Wars or something with Carrie Fisher introing it and then doing a Q and A thing afterwards? It just seemed like there were so many wasted opportunities. Also, from what I heard, the busses stopped running at like, 7 pm or so, so if you were a kid who wanted to stay to see the Dr. Who screening, you were SOL when you got outta there =\

But I had a great time hanging out with my buddies–lots of videya games were played, delicious food was made, and shop talks were had. I’m hoping that next year they lower the prices a little (as the exhibitor sign up line for next year was verrrry short) , and get more stuff in the way of programming and screenings so you’re not looking at JUST a dealer room. The one nice thing about C2 though was that it definitely was a nicer con than Wizard World Chicago, er, “The Chicago Comic Con” as the focus was on promoting new comics and stuff, instead of just a huge hall of comic resellers. So yes, C2 can still be saved!

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