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Epic Bear Loot

Bear loot

So first off, if you follow the deviantART page, you've probably already seen this comic, but alas, due to the sickness and a bunch of peoplestaying at my house for C2E2, it's been a bad week to get work done. So rather than update with nothing, I updated with this comic, which though it is a Dragon Age comic, I feel the √Ę‚¨Ňanimal-dropping-a-random-set-of-armor" concept is pretty universal to all RPGs. So yay! Crossovers! And for the record, if you saw that WoW comic I did, no, I don't actually hate bears. They just get in my way.

Oh hey, if you're at C2, I'll have some books for sale at the Halolz table, and on Saturday I'm going to be doing the Reading with Pictures Iron Artist competition"it's going to be on the stage at 8pm on saturday right in front of where the dealer room is, so you really can't miss it. It's totally the best time to laugh as I attempt to pathetically draw western superheroes (as though I have a vague idea of what spider-man looks like, I wouldn't be able to draw him at all XD ).

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