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Anime Boston 2010


EDIT: Didn’t manage to get the computer, but I did score a new vid card!! Thanks to all who clicked the link and put up with the shameless plugging. Oh, for the curious, the card in question is the ATI Radeon HD 5770.

The sanctuary spells in DnD and various RPGs were always really cool because they were one of the few spells that really needed to be used strategically. For those not familiar, its usually a cleric/paliden spell, and you basically throw up this invincible shield around yourself (well, usually it's only allowed for you, but in Dragon Age you can use their version, Forcefield, on party members) to give yourself a breather from the action. The only downside is that while in sanctuary, you can't really do =anything= so you have to make sure your party is OK enough on their own so that you can do it, but it's nice because if you do have some sort of regenerative spell that you cast on yourself prior to Sanctuary, it'll still heal you and you can regain some mana without having to worry about getting hit. In Dragon Age, the really sweet strategy is to toss a Forcefield on your tank (making sure that they have all of their aggro abilities on), as then you and your buddies can hang out from a distance and pick off the boss while your tank gets ZERO damage, but all the mob's attention.

With Portia, I initially wanted to have her featured a little bit more, but when brainstorming everyone's stories and stuff, ultimately I found there were more interesting characters to focus on, and I didn't want to become Bleach with its 900000101011 characters that you don't really care about (As to be honest, I feel kinda bad that there are already so many characters you have to pay attention to and care about XD ). So yeah, she mostly got scrapped because up to that point all I had written down for her was âElegant, ladylike cleric".

Speaking of DnD though, for those who follow our livestream sessions, we decided to cancel saturday's game. Tetsuya couldn't make it, Brion's super sick from Anime Boston, and Christie has to work until like, 11 pm. So we're thinking of having the next livestream session around May 1st I believe (or whatever that saturday at the end of the month is). We're also working on an Obsidian Portal page, so that way you can kinda see the classes we're playing, the powers we're using, and read the long, drawn-out history of our campaign.

Finally, I'll be at C2E2 next week, and some of my stuff will be there, but there won't be a Mystic Rev table because I'm poor. However, the little bits of stuff that will be there (probably the books and maybe the Swords shirt), you can find at the Halolz table, where I'll probably be most of the time. The weird thing is that when you go to as many conventions as I do, and you spend all your time behind the table, the magic really does kinda wear off, and I find that I'm not too interested in panels (especially panels at a regular comic shows"NYCC was all âJoe Quesada talks infinite crises!' bleh), so instead I spend my time behind my friends' tables because I've become a sad old lady XD


One last plug

Ok, seriously, last time I swear. But I wouldn’t be whoring the link if I wasn’t so damn close. Basically, so far all the computers have been going for between 12,500 points and 13, 200 points. I have about 12, 850 points right now, so if any of you would be so sweet as to gimme some more clicks today to push me over 13k, that’d be super amazing and awesome. So yeah, if you haven’t yet clicked today, please do, because it’d be so awesome to win a new comp that’s loads better than the one I have now. Thank ya’ll so much!!! ^^


Anime Boston

First off, if you haven’t clicked my link today, please do. The auctions are starting soon, and I need every point I can get! Thanks a lot guys! ^^

Moving on, I thought about doing a regular con report comic, but then Scott started buying Dave Mai Thais, and the things that were coming out of his mouth….I was laughing SO hard that I totally lost my voice the next day.

But yeah, it was our fist year at Boston, and it was pretty fun! However, we did =not= realize it was a 16 hour drive between Chicago and Massachusettes until we were about to leave, so that kinda sucked, and then on the way back it was discovered our muffler had a golf ball-sized hole in it, so we were delayed a further 2 hours to get that fixed. But we had loads of fun =at= the convention, and I finally figured out where I was stuck in Diamond so I managed to get a little farther (I totally didn’t realize you had to go back nearly to the beginning to get to that island city. Laaame. And my guys are still at a pathetic level 30 XD ). It was kinda crazy how many people had those pokewalker things. Now I really want one…but again, I’m still not that close to beating diamond, so… *sigh*

Progress on the book is moving along! I hope to be able to send it to the printers by the end of the month (well, that’s the plan anyway, haha).

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