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Because I have a problem".

Please click on this link that'll take you to the Dragon Age shop so that way I can build up my Bioware points and get some sweet gear.

EDIT: Ok, so what I actually thought was a contest for DLC items is actually an auction thing for real life items, and one of those items is a new ATI video card. I reaaaaally need a new video card, as mine is currently dying (I can't shut down my computer anymore because it'll reset my display settings =\ ), so all you guys gotta do, once per day, is click on the above link. Don't have to buy anything, just click the link, only once (As it only registers unique IPs), and the cool thing is that it resets at like, 4 am CST everyday, so you can keep accruing points.

Thank you all so much!! ^^


End o' d chapter

Holllleee crap, this page took forever to write. Not entirely happy with it, but I think overall it works. End of the chapter, w00t!

Also, I will be at Anime Boston this coming weekend. It'll be my first year there, so I'm super excited. We'll be in the dealer's room, and I'll be sharing a table with Brion Foulke of Flipside. So yeah, swing by, say hi, etc.

So officially, Book 3 will contain Chapters 16-21, which is literally from where Toasty fights Sekushi up to today. Initially it was only going to go to chapter 20, but then I realized I had 50 pages of content to fill, and since I doubt none of you want to have 30 pages of con report comics and I'm not sure I'd be allowed to print those dragon age fan comics I made, so adding the other chapter it is! Still will have a bonus story, of course, just gotta figure out how long I wanna make it.

Moving on, The Reading With Pictures Comic Anthology just added some really sweet new incentives"including getting a signed and numbered print of the cover by Jill Thompson. There's only 50ish days left, and I'm not really sure if there's any plans to produce more copies beyond this initial run, so if you are even remotely interested in checking it out, be sure to pre-order it now.

Finally, I updated my links page with new ad banners for me, but also really sweet new comics. I also cleaned up the page a bit"if you were linked on there and are not anymore, it is because either 1. when I went to your site, it was either down or hadn't updated in years or 2. I had a link exchange with you, and when I checked on the exchange you had taken down my banners. So, if your site was one of the ones cleaned off, really sorry, but its totally nothing personal at all. Now for the stuff I added.

First off, Brion's amazing colorist Delusion now has her own super rad webcomic called, appropriately enough, Delve. Its sort of a cool, RPG inspired fantasy, and because Del is as much as a whore for Berserk as I am her art is very heavily influenced by him in super rad and cool ways. But yeah, she just recently started, but there's still a nice chunk of pages to get you started.

Next, in case you didn't catch it on Scott's site, my bestest best convention buddy in the whole world, Karian, has started up the cutest comic in the whole world. She also has a nice chunk of an archive to start with, but unfortunately she seems to have caught Scott's non-updating disease =( Still totally worth checking out and adding to your RSS feeds!

Though I don't actually know them, one of my favorite deviantARTists and my favorite comic colorist have joined forces like Voltron to start their own super gorgeous webcomic. As a warning though, it is going to be a yaoi thing, and they do say its going to be mature, so be warned! Though the art and the coloring is breathtakingly gorgeous, so you should totally take a look anyway.

Also, after years of promising to bring me pie, Pete finally delivered, so his comic, Bardsworth, has totally been added to the links page. Its a super cute, DnD/fantasy inspired comic, so if you dig Mystic Rev you'll probably like Bardsworth, too.

Finally, I made a Mystic Rev deviantART group, so if you have a deviantART account, feel free to join and post your MR inspired art/fiction! ^^

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