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Livestreaming dnd game

We’re going to be livestreaming our dnd game in a couple minutes! Check it out here!



Is she wiping away the blood that got splashed on her? Or a little tear? I’ll leave it up to you guys ;x

Regarding the last comic, first off, “Make Love” is one of my most hated phrases. I hate it because #1, love’s an emotion, so you can’t really make it, because its something you feel. As such, love is something that should already be there, because if it’s not, having sex isn’t gonna make you love the person you’re with and vice versa. Love + sex = two totally different things (as you can have sex without being in love, though for you minors out there reading this, you shouldn’t!!! ). “Make love” always makes me think of crafting XD Second, the phrase always sounds ridiculous whenever someone actually says it out loud, to the point where I can’t help but giggling a little. Unless you’re a comic book/movie character (in which case its a tolerable level of cheesiness) don’t say it. Please XD

However, for Krosa’s character, I thought it was appropriate for his age/level of experience. I’ve kinda already talked about my motivations for the page on the forums, so check it out if you’re interested. Since the majority of emails/comments have been pretty positive, I’m totally psyched that ya’ll get me. THANKS GUYS!! <3

Second off, in between working on book 3, I decided to update my comic portfolio with some new stuff in a somewhat different style for the Halolz table will be selling some of my shirts, and you can probably find me chilling out there when I’m not wandering around). So if you’re interested, you can read the thing over on my deviantART page. I will warn you though, it is safe for work, but it’s pretty dark and kinda depressing, as I really wanted to go for a horror feel to it. It’s also inspired heavily by Anime Boston next week in the dealer’s room, so come out to see me! ^^

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