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So I’ve come to a decision in that I’ve decided that instead of randomly making up characters for the audience, I’m going to sneak in my RP characters. Sooooo, starting from the bottom left:

Moghedian–Baldur’s Gate 2 (bard)
Telemasca Shepard(As a catgirl) –Mass Effect 1 (soldier)
Alistair (Dragon age NPC)
Telemasca–WoW (hunter)
Joshua–Winner of the 10k viewers DeviantART kiriban (sorry its taken so long!! )
Moghedian–Dragon Age (mage)
Riogrande– Dragon Age (rogue)
Telemasca Cousland– Dragon Age (Rogue)

Middle Row, from the left:

Felicia (Darkstalkers)
Joker (Mass Effect 1/2)
Telemasca–KotR (Scout)
Shard (my DnD character)
Azma (Tetsuya’s DnD character)
Asia–Dragon Age (warrior)
Featherae (Heather’s DnD character)
Lucinda–Brion’s Mom’s Dragon Age character (warrior)
Maytag (As an elf) Flipside
Misc person for filler

Top row, from left:

misc, misc, misc until…
Garrus (As a dryad…sorta XD ) Mass Effect 1/2
Telemasca version 1 (which has been abandoned) Mass Effect 2 (vanguard)
Landslayer –WoW (warlock)
Phil (Phil’s DnD character)
Ancheora –WoW (rogue)

So yeah, that’s about it. As you can see, I tend to reuse names…a lot. Its just troublesome to come up with new names every time, and I kinda like to reimagine how the character would fit into each universe. For instance, Telemasca’s usually a ranged fighter, and Moghedian’s usually some sort of spellcaster with somewhat questionable morals. And before anyone says anything, yes “Moghedian” is taken from the Wheel of Time series. While I liked the character, I really just liked her name more than anything, so I stole it back when I first got into gaming. And Telemasca is from the Anne Rice books, and yes I realize that its spelled ‘Talamasca’ I just like the way ‘tele’ sounds more. Its just a super cool sounding name in general. So yeah, I’m really not creative when it comes to naming things outside of this comic XD

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