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So first off, hella proud of how that first panel came out. Really dig it. Anyways, the shadow double thing is the same technique used way back in this comic, so huzzah for more old techniques getting a facelift.

Anyways, quick links:

Book 3 pre-order! Every little bit helps!

New Grey Warden t-shirt. Show your friends who’s the real savior of Fereldan….in STLYE.

Lastly, The Reading With Pictures Comic Anthology. I’m doing 10 pages of comic for it, and a buncha other more-awesome artists are contributing things, and its for a great cause–getting comics into classrooms.

As for games, still working my way through Mass Effect 1 so I can “Fully enjoy the experience of ME 2″. Its been super slow going though, because I’ve been working on so many things I haven’t had time to play in a while. However, last friday I managed to hunker down for a bit and got through getting Liara, and went on a buncha sidequests. Really loving the game, despite the flaws with the inventory system and all the nearly identical weapons/armor, but since they correct that in the 2nd game its all good. One thing I =hate= beyond all hate is the Mako, though at least now I’m getting the hang of driving it around. Still hate it though! So much hate!! I do like my Goth Shepard though. So much more fun to watch yourself say stuff with black lipstick. God bless you, Bioware.

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