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Oh boy, so first off, have youuuu pre-ordered Book 3 yet? If not, pre-ordering’s the way to go as all the books are signed and doodled in, and I’ll take requests for your favorite MR characters (in the paypal note section). Grabbing anything else from the store also helps support the printing! Or you could commission me!

Next up, I’m gonna be a part of this really sweet comic anthology that’s going to collect like, some 50 comic artists and writers–Jill Thompson (Sandman, Scary Godmother), Josh ElderJosh Elder (Mail Order Ninja, The Batman Strikes!), andReading With Pictures. RWP is basically focused on getting comics into classrooms as teaching materials and literacy aids. In addition, one of the goals is to develop a database of comic teaching materials, aids, and even comic pdfs for teaching comic classes even at the university level. So, if this is even something you’re remotely interested in, please spread the word about the program to your teachers, local librarians, professors, friends, etc or toss a lil’ green over to the kickstarter project. For $5 you can get digital copy of the book, so that’s super awesome for those of us who’re super-poor.

Anyways, sorry to have to be such a whore about these things, but if I don’t get the word out about my projects…well, then nobody knows. So hopefully ya’ll don’t mind too much =)

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