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Coupla things

So Mesmerizers are pretty cool. I’d explain how they work, but ya’ll be seeing more of her later on, so I woudn’t really wanna spoil anything.

Anyways, if you haven’t pre-ordered book 3 yet, you’re missing out! All the pre-ordered books get signed and doodled in–if you have a request for a specific MR character just note it in the paypal dealie–and for $10 more you get a sexy sketchcard commission of whatever you want. So a totally awesome deal. We’re a lil over halfway to the goal, so hopefully there’ll be enough money raised by May so I can send the files to the printer then to have ‘em shipped out to everybody before July/August. So the faster we raise up the monies, the faster the books get printed ^^

Speaking of other things to be printed, I’m going to be a part of this really cool comics anthology that’s coming out soon. I’ll be illustrating a short story with Josh Elder of Mail Order Ninja fame, and its going to be suuuper awesome. In addition, there’s like, 50 other comic artists, writers, etc, some of them famous. And the sweet thing about it is that the proceeds of the anthology go towards an organization called Reading with Pictures–an organization with the intent to promote comics as teaching materials in classrooms and libraries all across the country to help kids with reading and reading comprehension. Its a really sweet cause, so if you’re in dire straights money-wise, please pass the link on to your friends, family, teachers, librarians, professors, etc, because it’d be awesome (and beneficial!) to have comics in classrooms.



Ok, so in case you didn’t notice on the old boards, we have gotten new forums. One thing though, to keep out spammers we ask that you follow the directions and post in the introductory topic just to prove you’re a person and not a bot. Then post exciting things to your hearts’ content! ^^

So currently I’m working my way veeeerrry slowly (due to various work/familial obligations) through Mass Effect 1. And I have to say, I hate the Maco. And yes, its probably mostly due to my epic failure, but after talking to my buds it seems that the thing, on console or PC, is just fulla epic fail -_-

But I doooo like the game so far in spite of wiping a ridiculous amount of times thanks to that stupid tank…thingie. And they get rid of it in 2, so at least I only have to struggle with this game… But I really dig all the little sidequests in the Citadel–those quests, the kind that kinda interweave and overlap into each other and actually make a contribution to the story and the lore of the game. Something that was completely missing from the sidequests in DragonAge, which were mostly just fetch quests you did when you needed money, and could easily be completed by just talking to any of the NPCs with names (instead of actually reading what the quest entailed). But from what I gather, the sidequests are mostly kinda gone in ME 2, which is kinda sad. Here’s hoping they make more meaty quests in ME 3 and DragonAge 2.

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