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Katsucon 2010!

Colors late

So quite early Wednesday morning I departed for Missouri so that we could witness, the following day, my brother graduating from the army’s boot camp. It was rigorous, and he even got pneumonia at one point, but he made it through with flying colors and we’re super proud of him. And he looks hilarious in his lil’ beret (sorry bro, but I’m older than you and its mah right to tease!)

In any event, didn’t really have time to get too much work done other than the flats. I’m leaving friday at 5 am to head back to chicago, so if I don’t die from the lack of sleep then hopefully the finished colors’ll be up in the afternoon.


Katsucon wrap up

So holy cow, snow SUCKS. We were worried about the storm hitting sunday night, so we decided to drive out Monday morning, and apparently that’s when it decided to blizzard all over Pennsylvania. Which blows, because PA’s full o’ mountains and super-slippery roads. That last panel? Taken word-for-word outta his mouth. Not exactly reassuring, sir!

So yeah, our room situation changed like, twice before we even got to the convention, and ended up changing like, four more times once we arrived. Uber thanks to Brian Wilson for eventually getting everything sorted out, and for Hawk for understanding my panicked and rambly phone call when I found out we’d be staying in his room without him knowing about it x.x

Moving on, a con isn’t a con without a drunk Brian Wilson making death threats.

I spent the weekend sharing a table with Shawn, and our friendly ribbing continued all con weekend. Garth took us to this super-awesome Pirate Bar, and Pip proved to us all that he had like, the greatest willpower ever. It was truly a spectacle to behold, and I was suuuuuper impressed. But then again, he was sitting next to Shawn, so I suppose anyone’d look super cool by comparison….That’s why we keep Shawn in the Fail Corner.

Also, Mookie plays Dragon Age. I didn’t think it was possible for him to get any more awesome, but good god this tips the scale. The Dragon Age Expansion comes out in March!! I don’t have any cons in march!! Who’s excited?! THIS GIRL!! XD

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