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Katsucon again!

So first off, top left panel, toooootally inspired by CLAMP–specifically X/1999. Thought about adding feathers, too, but with the white and the red ties of fate, I thought it might be a lil’ too much XD

Anyways, Katsucon is this weekend! Come visit me in the dealer’s room, I’m sharing a table with Flipside and Halolz.



So first off, originally, the pet was going to be given away for free. But then WoW introduced those real-money pets, and a super good friend of mine ended up scooping one of them up. The conversation in today’s comic is pretty close to the conversation we had, albeit with a lot more skepticism on the “awesomeness” of a panda-monk dancing around for $10 XD

Oh, and he’s quoting Gladiator, because that movie’s awesome.

Moving on, I will be at Katsucon this weekend, in the dealer’s room sharing a table with Brion of Flipside and that guy that provides me with most of my wardrobe. So yeah, come see us at the show, we’ll sign things, sketch things, make merry, etc. It looks to be an overall good time.

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