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So initially, the dialogue for those middle panels after the √Ę‚¨Ňbearded" line was going to read, √Ę‚¨ŇAwesome! Can I be Mary Magdaline then?" with lourdes saying, √Ę‚¨ŇTo satiate my genuine curiosity, why would you want to be Mary Magdaline?" √Ę‚¨ŇCuz Mary Magdaline gets to bone Jesus!" next panel ending in Lourdes punching ninja across the room with some chick saying, √Ę‚¨ŇWow, whatever gear she's got equipped, I want it."

Funny? Maybe. But it felt kinda retready, and ninja seemed more piggish and douchey than I want him to be. So it was cut. But I kinda like reading about stuff that gets cut from my favorite authors, so I figured you guys might like hearing about what stuff I cut out. If not, well, TOO BAD!

Oh, and √Ę‚¨Ňtentacled apostles" refers to the gross apostles in Berserk, which one of my most favorite manga series of all time (even if parts make me regret being born a girl"¶). And technically the apostles aren't all tentacled, but they're mostly kinda squishy looking. In any event they are kinda the opposite of these guys.

Blasphemy aside, come visit me at the Chicago Fringe Artists' Networking Night this saturday! I'll be showing three pieces"my lovely robot ladies, but there's also going to be all these theatre preformances, food, booze, and massages, tarot readings, and overall awesomeness. I'm kinda excited"I got to visit the space on Wednesday to hang my stuff and the art they had up so far was pretty cool looking. So yeah, it looks like it'll be a sweet show.

Oh yeah, and one final thing, I should mention that I stopped updating the incentives not because of dragon age (though that helped XD ) but because the part where the players meet the boss happened so long ago, that the four of us can’t really remember the order of the stuff that happened, and we all kinda remember it a different way. Which sucks, because that part’s kinda integral to the story, so I’ve been at kind of a block on how to write that section since I want it to be accurate, but also make sense and be funny. Its tricky!! But hopefully in March things’ll settle down a little bit so I can get some more work done.

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