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Ohayocon 2010

Ohayocon 2010

So I should say that first off, Monday-Wednesday nights I slept maaaybe a total of 9-10 hours. Thursday I managed to get 6, Friday night because the heat was crazy whack in our room I got about 2-3 off/on hours, and saturday I managed to get 6 again. Saturday in particular I was literally falling asleep at my drawing board, trying really, really hard to stay awake (as 4 large cups of coffee each with 2 shots of espresso wasn’t doing the job… ). But luckily, seeing all you guys gives me loads of energy so as long as readers came by I was ok. XD

But yes, the first panel is TOTALLY true. And we were too tired to ask them to turn over the room, so I hopped into bed, and THAT is when I discovered the empty condom wrapper. UNDER THE SHEETS!! So nasty!!! But of course, Brion was just like ‘whatever’ and even went as far as to drink some of the wine that was left there–which takes on a whole ‘nother level of grossness–what if there were like, drugs or roofies or AIDs in there?! Aaaagh!

Second panel also true, though the last thing she said wasn’t. Actually, what happened was as soon as Brion gave his answer the mom did one of those “clamp-hands-over-ears-and-quickly-whisk-child-away” maneuvers–always awesome (though if you ask brion about it he probably won’t remember).

And Del is insanely adorable. She’s like, 5′1/5′2 and was wearing this little orange n’ black cat ear hat the whole weekend, and had that exact response every time I pointed out how cute she was…..I wish they made a Del plushie–that would be awesome XD

Finally, though brion picked up my copy of ME 2 that tuesday, I have so far, only been able to play it for 20 minutes, most of which was me making a character (as I sadly have no played ME 1 because I suck). But that 20 minutes was enough for me to hunger for more…so that’s what I’m going to do. For another 20 minutes, until I have to pick up the frames and spend the day framing/trimming the art for the show *sigh* Maybe next week I’ll be able to play…..

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