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First off, Ohayocon is this weekend! Come visit me in the Artist Aley! I’ll be sharing a table with Brion Foulke of Flipside, so swing by and see me! ^^

Second, because I forgot to talk about it last time in the midst of my Star Wars geekery, “DPS” stands for Damage Per Second. It literally means how much damage you can do in a second, and as far as I know its a term that kinda started springing up with WoW, as they’ve got these crazy DPS calculator things to figure out who’s contributing how much to the overall damage they party’s doing. I imagine windmasters as being a melee damage dealer class–meaning all they do is focus on standing next to the monster and hittin’ ‘em as hard as they can.

The “wind” thing is a reference to their 10 minute ability that basically doubles their speed for a certain amount of time (which I don’t feel like assigning a number to at this time…), which is awesome since all their abilities focus on combo attacks (since their singular attacks don’t do all that much damage), with their Wind ability on they can get larger combo chains. The damage from the combo chain increases radically with every successful hit, so yeah, useful to get many hits in before you’re knocked away. They mainly focus on using close combat martial weapons–sai, brass knuckes, knives, tonfa, etc, because those weapons have the highest speed.

Lastly, it was originally going to be “Acolyte” instead of “Apostle” but I thought that apostle was funnier and it leads into the next page better XD

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