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New Jedi Order


So the NJO conversation is based on an actual conversation that my friend and I were having on a long car ride somewhere. The funny thing was that we weren’t even talking about Star Wars intitially, he just brought up the “NJO broke Star Wars!” as an example of something else (I think we were talking about series going on too long?), which of course I had to respond to. And for those of you not really, really, big nerds like me and my friend, Star Wars: New Jedi Order is a really long book series that’s a part of the Star Wars extended universe. It features these awesome alien invaders called the Yuuzhan Vong that for whatever reason don’t exist in the force, and there’s lots of death and destruction, and for the first half of the series, its really really good. I liked that they didn’t exist in the force, because the writers then had the characters question the limitations and the rules regarding the force, expanding upon the Jedi’s philosophies and stuff (I can’t remember which book it is, but the book where Vergere is teaching Jacen Solo is one of the best Star Wars books I’ve ever read–it was all about the philosophy of the Force and really made you think about the cannon). Furthermore, it was cool because the first half of the universe had that 1st season of Lost feeling, where ANYONE could die, and no one was safe! It also had that Battlestar Gallactica “We have to do anything/everything to survive–regardless of the morality–because our very existence is at stake” mantra, which was really cool because in all the other books it was very clear who the good and the bad guys were.

BUT, that was only in the first half of the books. Once the Jedi went on their quest to find this super retarded thing (not going to mention it cuz o’ spoilers, but its in the Wiki article), THAT’S when they lost me. All the books after they introduced that goddamn concept were totally lame, and the ending of the series was really terrible and depressing (in a “this sucks” kind of way, not a “I’m sad because I’m emotionally invested in these characters” kind of way). So yeah, for me, introducing THAT THING broke the star wars universe for me, because they didn’t even use it in a cool way! It was just like, “We found it! And now they surrender! Yay!” I tried to read the books after NJO (Dark Nest Trilogy I think) and I made it through like, the first half of the book and then gave up on it because it was terrible (that series ruined Jaina Solo for me–one of my favorite characters. Ugh). So yeah, haven’t really read anything in the universe after that, but I will say I’m happy to read anything by Timothy Zahn…. =)

But why explain this? I needed a silly conversation for that panel. Yeeep.

Now then, Ohayocon is next week, and I’ll be there in the artist alley sharing a table with Brion Foulke of Flipside. Special news, though they’re not on the site, I’ll have the Grey Warden shirt on sale! They’ll make it on the site in the next couple months (Dave wants to wait for others to make new designs before he puts it up, he also likes to put things up in batches). In the meantime Ohayocon-ites are the first ones to access it! ^^ Furthermore, I’ll be taking Book 3 pre-orders at the show! And of course I’ll be bringing the other new stuff and the usual stuff, so huzzah! Lots of stuff! XD

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