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Round 1 winners part 3

Flats now, colors later

EDIT: Colors uploaded! Also, I’ve been working on making a painted style, and I think I’m makin’ some real strides here. See kids, experimentation pays off! ^^

Cuz being sick put a kink in my schedule. In any event, for those who don't know what I'm talking about when I bitch about flatting on the facebook group, these are them! Flats are literally just base colors that you use to make selections later on"essentially, if I decide much later I don't like, say, the red of Lourdes' hair in a panel (or the whole page for that matter) I can just go to my flat layer, hide my lineart layer, and then bam, hair selected, even if on other layers its already been altered. Saves a LOT of filespace, because when you're working on a comic page, having layers for individual bits"hair, skin, etc, becomes totally unfeasible. It'd be like, 50 layers, and that's insane (especially considering that I work on 11 x 17 pages at 300 dpi). The only annoying thing about flats is that they're insaaaaaanely tedious to do"not hard, but tedious, because its a lot of selecting, filling, and repeating the process. That's why most professional colorists end up hiring flatters so they don't have to deal with making their own. Ironically enough, it takes longer to flat a page than to actually âcolor" it, but the flats save me so many headaches later down the road that its worth it. But I still like to bitch about doin' em anyway XD


Down with the sickness

So bad news: Tuesday night I caught some sort of flu thingie–probably whatever Brion had last week, so after it didn’t go away wednesday, we went to the doctor who said its some sort of bacterial thingie. Anyways, now I’m hopped up on lotsa peels, so hopefully I’ll get better over the weekend, in time to make a happy new comic on Monday. In meantime, sorry I failed my fortitude save…

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