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Round 1 winners part 2


I actually had a friend in high school whose real, given name was Dragana (though I don’t think that’s how it was spelled, it was pronounced dra-GA-na), and I thought that it was the coolest name ever, but she thought it was lame and ordinary. I told her that I would one day steal her awesome name for a comic character, and she laughed and didn’t believe me, so Dragana, if you’re out there somewhere (and that’s how you actually spell your name), I have fulfilled my promise!! Enjoy darling!!

As for “Alistairfan", well, he was one of the characters that I literally didn’t have a name for until like….yesterday. When literally I said, “Screw it, I can’t think of anything good, and since his personality is good and noble and sweet and he’s probably played by a girl, Alistairfan it is". And for those not in on my addiction, Alistair is the very wonderful knightly love interest in Dragon Age: Origins.

Now then, hopefully the subject matter on today’s page doesn’t bother anyone–I had some hesitation about panel 2, but my sick mind thought it’d be hilarious to show a cute thing with a gun to its head, the same sick mind that thought it’d be hilarious to show a gender neutral boy getting sliced in half. So since you guys have stuck with my weird sense of humor thus far, hopefully ya’ll find it just as amusing as I do XD

Don’t forget guys, Book 3 pre-orders are still going on, so sign up now if you haven’t already! We’re like, a little bit shy of halfway with the amount of money needed for the printing, so keep it up, guys! Don’t wanna buy the book? No matter, everything else in the store also helps support the book 3 print costs, so you can help indirectly by grabbing some shirts or posters =)

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