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Taking place at night!

Went a little Battle Angel on ya

So I'm sure other comics have done the same thing, but I kinda stole/"borrowed" the graphical âx vs. x, winner x" thing from Battle Angel Alita: Last Order's Zot tournament arc, because let's face it: Who wants to see 16-odd fights, when you don't know/care about half the characters, especially considering there's gonna be loaaaads more fights in the coming pages, featuring characters you DO care about, that'll actually be pretty cool ^^

Oh, as an FYI, I'm gonna be at Ohayocon at the end of the month, sharing a table with Flipside in the artist alley. I'll be selling alllll the new and old shirts, books, and be taking sign ups for the book 3 pre-order. Whooooo! ^^


Night battles

See, because Rooks (black wings) and Vampyres (bat wings) get stat bonuses during the night, while Seraphs (white wings) and Dryads (tree people) get bonuses for daylight. Additionally, some Necromancer and Nightmare Soldier abilities increase at night time. Though this will all be explained in detail later ;x

Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year!! Here’s hoping that next year’s gonna be a lot better!!! ^^

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