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Mystic Rev Christmas Special 09!

Car update!

So supposedly, the car will be completed tomorrow afternoon. The transmission was taken apart and will be rebuilt, which sounds kinda shady to me, but whaaaaatever.

Anyways, in the meantime, I made a a funny dragon age comic, though I need to caution you guys, it does contain spoilers relating to a major plot point towards the end of the game. Though hey, like the Penny Arcade guys said, ya’ll really should’ve beaten it by now….. ;x

And if not, well, grab it because its totally the best RPG of the year, hell, of the last 5 years, then play it and THEN read my comic and laugh. =D


Da car

So update on the comic situation–it seems our car’s transmission has busted so they’re going to have to rebuild the thing (or something–I’m not a car person), and in addition to costing a ridiculous amount of money, it means that we’re gonna be stuck out here ’til monday so no comic until at least monday afternoon.

Why does the car give such sucky Christmas gifts? =(



So it looks like even though the second part of the christmas special was DONE, like, completely DONE on MONDAY, and I swore I uploaded it into the queue to be updated today that for whatever reason it didn’t get into the queue, and thus, it hasn’t updated. And because its not on the site, its not just a matter of swapping the date/time to update, and because I thought that it was already set to update I didn’t bother to put it on my external drive for the possibility of it not updating–because, c’mon, it was set to update!–so I can’t even manually put it online. *scowl*

Soooo, expect the second page of the Christmas special saturday. Really sorry guys, but have a happy christmas anyway!!!

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