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Chapter 21: Round 2

New chapter!

So yes, new chapter is a-startin’! I’m super, super proud of the way this cover came out–it was inspired by the awesomely amazing artist best known for his Street Fighter comics work, Alvin Lee. Initially it was just going to be a couple characters, but then I figured I might as well include all the non-main characters that made it to the next round, so there you go. *pats self on back*

Moving on, have you guys pre-ordered book 3 yet? So many awesome goodies, and all the pre-ordered books get signed n’ doodled in!
And don’t forget the shirts! Shirts now come in all sizes up to 6XL, there’s free shipping on all orders over $44 to anywhere, and if you enter the code “sharkbite” at checkout you get to save 5% off your entire order! And all the sales of all the shirts and posters, sketchbook, and earlier books all go towards the printing of the new book. W0000t! ^^

Finally, in other news I have a Steam account so if you want to be my Steam friend there you go. I’m still not entirely sure how it all works, but I’m on there now! In addition, if you are currently playing DragonAge: Origins and had to sign up for the Bioware network thingie in order to get your Shale quest, you can be my Bioware Buddy (or however that works) over here! Yay!

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