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That dude with the sword from Serenity

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So first off, if you missed the previous 2 months of vote comics, I re-uploaded all of them yesterday, and they're updating on an everyday basis. So vote every day, read the entire strip all the way through. Huzzah!

Also, once again, to raise money for the printing of book 3, I am offering commissions, and all the sales in the store go towards the book 3 print cost. And mention âsharkbiteâ? in your check out order to get 5% off your entire order this month! And free shipping for orders over $44 to anywhere! ^^

Also, in case you missed out last year, the Webcomic Holiday Postcard Fundraiser is back on again this year, raising money for Child’s Play, an organization that gives games, toys, books, monies, etc to sick kids in hospitals. In addition to new, super-awesome postcards from Blue n’ Blonde, Loldwell, The Paul Revere’s, and Halolz, all the postcards from years past are available with designs by VG Cats, Applegeeks, and yours truly! ^^ So yeah, check it out, the new designs are pretty wicked.

And yes, still totally obsessed with Dragon Age. It's kinda awesome playing a game that's not an MMO that's just so".huge. And has so much replay value! Yes, definitely a super-worthy successor to Baldur's Gate II, and ya know, I think I can say I like it a lil' more. Even if it crashes if I play it more than 11 hours". x.x



So ok, first off, if you haven’t seen Firefly/Serenity, hand in your nerd card right now, as you won’t get it back until you put it on your netflix or watch it on hulu!

Next, don’t forget about all the sweet stuff at the Mystic Rev store this holiday season. For the holidays, enter the coupon code “sharkbite” to get 5% off your entire order, and you get free shipping on stuff that’s over $44. Free shipping to anywhere, so you could live in Mongolia and get yourself a book 3 preorder, get your best friend a Real Men Carry Big Swords shirt, and get your special lady (or man!) an Epic Mount shirt. And don’t forget your friendly neighborhood healer–Let them know that they’re appreciated with a shirt, cuz they bring the heals, and without the heals partying becomes a lil’ more difficult. And once again, all the money goes towards the printing of book 3! Whoooo! ^^

So yeah, now that the whoring’s done, I will be updating incentives, prolly next Monday. I’m thinking because of the holiday crunch I’ll just repost all the current ‘Playaz’ comics from the beginning, though on an everyday update schedule, so that way if you missed some you have a second chance! ^^

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