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Birthday filler 09!

Massive Fanart and Cosplay update!

So holy cow, too many names to post here, so just go directly to the fanart gallery to check out the new fanart and cosplay pics! If you want to send fanart, please send me an email to savagesparrow@gmail.com or post it in the fanpics on our my deviantART page, my portfolio site (though this one is also updated on a yearly basis ^^; ). So yeah, there you go.


Dragon Age rocks

It really, really does.

But that being said, this comic's only partially true. See, it was more the fact that my birthday fell on the sunday (when I usually get the comic done), coupled with Thanksgiving the previous thursday, and my friends' parties scheduled for Friday and Saturday respectively, that I was like, âYa know, I think I'm gonna take this one off". And if anyone nay-says, well, it's my birthday and I can take Monday off if I want to".because Dragon Age rules.

But still, small voice of responsibility prevailed and you guys still get a comic. Aaaah, even when I try to take it easy I still end up working a little XD

But yes, I am in total love with DragonAge. I've said it before, and I'll say it again"Baldur's Gate II is probably my favorite RPG of all time(and it still holds up!) , so when I heard that this game was supposed to be the unofficial sequel, I was suuuuper excited, but wary of the hype trap. But man, is it totally worth the hype"and I'm not even that far in the game yet (for those of you already playing, I'm at the part where you finally get Morrigan in your party). So yeah, so far, definitely up there with BG: II, but I haven't made it far enough to determine if it'll surpass BG or not. But definitely up there.

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