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What about my hair?


Man, busy weekend.

First off, friday we spent the day visiting the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign so I could check out their MFA program. It was"¶.eye-opening"¶.to say the least. We witnessed critiques, from the Masters program, mind you, and it really was like Art School Confidential. And that's all I'm going to say about that. What sucked was that on our way home there was like, two semis turned over and a crazy car pileup, so the cops closed the highway and we had to spend an additonal 2 hours getting home. Saturday though was an early birthday party (cheesecake ftw!), followed by a last minute DnD session! Its looking like we're going to have a new player joining our party"we made her class yesterday morning. She's going to be playing a Streetfighter (yes, that kind, haha) and we basically gave her monk-like powers but added in some Chun-Li like special abilities (like a spinning bird kick, kikouken, and a √Ę‚¨Ňfever mode√Ę‚¨? where she gets double attacks"exciting! Especially since my character's becoming more magey-than-melee, its a super sweet addition to the party!) Sundays struggles were installing the new modem where we assumed (silly us!) that it would only take 10 minutes to install like the last one. Four+ hours on the phone with tech support later, one guy decided to take pity on us and deviated from his script long enough to actually tell us what we forgot to adjust when we switched the modem to bridge mode. And it literally was like, one box we didn't check. *Strangles AT&T*

Anyway, I managed to get the inks done, so colors will come later my dearies. I'm thinking 3 pm CST. In the mean time, vote for the comic to check out the incentive comic! ^^

EDIT: I did an interview for Xcentrikz, so check it out! Learn about my wacky writing process, how I got here, advice for promoting a fledgling comic, etc.


Not exactly mean but…

…Brutally honest. She speaks her mind, for good or for bad. She lives by a code, and feels it is up to her to defend it! Super-roleplayer!

Speaking of which, I did have a case in Warcraft where someone did bitch about my name–Awesomesauce, in this case–literally citing it as ruining their roleplaying experience, and being ultimately bad for the game. They then said that they were reporting me to the GMs or whatever, but luckily, I checked and I don’t have to change my name, so take that Yggdrisil (or however your name was spelled)! And yeah, it was a roleplaying server, but on our way to that town we passed a dude whose name was “pipesmoker", so c’mon.

Annnyway, don’t forget about the book 3 pre-order sale!! Every pre-ordered book gets signed n’ doodled in, so for those of you who aren’t able to catch me at cons (due to distance or funding), getting a book this way lets you still gain in the experience of having a signed/sketched book! And you get to help make the book printing possible! Win! Of course, getting the new shirts also helps to bring the book 3 dream into reality. So yay for options! ^^

And of course, there’s