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Bah, so as I posted on the facebook page, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the previous night so I decided to take a nap at like, 10 am, and ended up sleeping until 4 pm, which threw off my whole comic-making schedule. So rather than stay up until 5 am coloring the page, I'm opting to post inks for now, with the colors to come later when I get up (I'm estimating colors by around 3-4 pm cst).

In the meantime, to celebrate Dueling Analogs 4th year anniversary, I was asked to do a guest strip for him to celebrate! It's WoW oriented, featuring my hunter character Telemasca. And yes, its completely true.

Also, in case you didn't catch the news on Friday, there's new shit in the store now!! New shirts, the poster, and best of all BOOK 3 PRE-ORDERS HAVE BEGUN!! Its going to be suuuuper expensive to print (ballpark figure right now seems to be about $6000 =\ ), so if you wanna see the third book made, slap down a pre-order"I'm signing and sketching in ALL the pre-ordered books like usual, and like last time for $10 more I'll do a sketch commission on a sketchcard of whatever you want (be it my character or someone elses"no original characters please, it'd be waaay too time-consuming). If for whatever reason you don't want to pre-order the book, all the sales of everything in my store are going towards making the print costs, so by buying a shirt or the poster you're STILL helping the book go to print.

I'm also offering commissions which you can read all about on my deviantART page. There're links to examples of each of the different types, so yeah, that gives you an idea of what's what. And again, all proceeds go to book 3 printing! Yay! ^^

Finally, my artwork was featured in the Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror âzine Darwin's Evolutions Vol. 2. It was used for a story called âThe 9th Tenant", and its a really fun read. The whole âzine's pretty awesome, has tons of stories, reviews of books/manga/webcomics, and some really nifty artwork. You can download a pdf for like, $3 and its totally worth it. But yeah, if you're interested in checking out more of the stories and what the âzine's about, definitely check out the Darwin's Evolutions Official Website. Really groovy stuff for those into SF =)


New stuff in the store!!! (For Reals this time!!)

So for, reals and for trues, there’s new stuff in the store! New shirts, the poster, AND the pre-orders for book 3! Everything sold in the store goes towards the printing of book 3, and the sooner we raise the moneys the sooner it gets printed!

I’m also offering commissions for the holidays and stuff (also to raise moneys for book 3) so yeah, check it out ^^

Thanks everybody!!

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