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New stuff in the store!!! Firstly, the much talked about [epic mount] shirt, so that everyone can know how you roll, as well as the new Toasty-themed Real Men Carry Swords Bigger Than They Are, because well"¶if anime has taught us anything"¶.

Purchases of EVERYTHING in my store goes towards the printing of book 3 (and hopefully by now the pre-orders for said book will be online too), so hopefully with christmas coming and everything we'll be able to meet the goal (which is looking at about $5000-$6000) super fast! So yeah, even if you don't want to pre-order the 3rd book for whatever reason, if you grab a shirt or something you're still helping reach the goal! =)

EDIT: The mount shirt was taken down temporarily because we wanted to have two different colors–Girls as a pink shirt with black text and boys as a black shirt with the more traditional purple text. So to save himself the confusion, Dave took it down, but it will be back up soon, along with (hopefully) the poster, sketchbooks from the summer, and most importantly, the pre-order for book 3! =)


This guy

….because I love that joke XD

And Ninja looks so cute in that middle panel, too! I was shockingly surprised ^^

But yeah, that last panel there on the end was what ate up most of my time, though I think (at least in the comic) its one of the best cityscapes I’ve done. But man was my hand hurting after inking all that crap…. In the script though I wanted to have airships floating overhead with the TV images reflected, but alas, our internet decided to go down for some 8 hours yesterday too, so no internet = no reference = no airships. But that’s ok, because the city looks pretty cool all by itself ^^

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