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Maximum stopping power


Yay! Hopefully everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween this weekend! We’re planning this weekend-long B-Movie marathon, so I’m super-psyched! ^^

As for the comic, initially I was gonna have Gothgirl dressed as Kiyon, but then I figured Yoko’s final outfit would be more fun to commentate on. Cuz seriously, that outfit noooooo chick would EVER wear–ugh. Which is weird because her regular bikini outfit is so cute! Le sigh.

Don’t forget to keep voting guys! ^^


Maxi catch

So my favorite part of this page is that he’s shouting “super secret trap". I patted myself on the back for that one XD And yes, he’s basically covering a bear trap in leaves. On a surface that is super-far removed from anything forest-like. That’s how he rolls.

I hope you guys are having as much fun with this fight as I am writing it.

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