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He loots everything

To be colored later

Bleh, got held up at Brion's parent's house. Had to spend the night. Their scanner's terrible so I didn't bother to clean up the lineart (you can see how the lineart around where the audience is in the first panel is practically not there), so when I get home I'll rescan and color it. But I wanted to post the page anyway since, ya know, I did it and all"that still counts for something!

Once more, those out in the LA area, please be sure to stop by Gallery 1988 for the SmodArt show featuring work by awesome artists (And yours truly) centered around Smodcast"the podcast done by writer/director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Zack and Miri make a Porno) and his producer Scott Mosier. Really awesome stuff, really cool art, definitely a good time.



So first off, for those who’re not up with the gamey lingo, “Nerf” basically means taking a good ability an making it “balanced"–more often than not rendering this ability useless(or practically useless). It happens a LOT (especially in my DnD campain -_-’ ). A “cooldown” period is how long it takes a spell or ability to reboot–Some things only take a few seconds, some are 10 minute abilities, some are hour abilities.

As for the looting thing….I’m that guy. I take EVERYTHING I can, even the worthless crap, because I’ll be damned if I’m going to give up those 14 copper pieces that selling a rotting bear carcass would get me! I also have the tendency to save way too much stuff, for the “what if?” scenarios–it wasn’t so bad in FFXI, because Brion was playing my character as often as I was and as a result would just sell whatever I had to keep my inventory free. However, in WoW, because I’m playing a hunter I’m saving like, EVERY food item I come across so I’ll have stuff to feed my pets, to the point where my netherweave bags are filled with every random scrap of meat and other food-ish items, to the point where (even though I have the netherweave bags) I’m making harsh decisions on what I need to drop when I come across green items (I’m only level 15, so luckily I don’t come across them all that often ^^; ). But yeah, what could ninja be saving that makes Lilly blush like that? The world of Mystic Rev is a wonderful place filled with many weird items. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Lastly, for those of you who live in LA and are fans of Smodcast, the Kevin Smith (AKA Silent Bob and director of Clerks, Chasing Amy, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, etc)/Scott Mosier podcast, they’re having a super sweet Art show at Gallery 1988 in LA featuring art inspired by smodcast! AND MY SMODCAST FANART MADE IT IN!!! This excites me to NO END, because I’m SUCH a huge fan of Kevin Smith (and more recently Scott Mosier), the films, and the podcast best of all, so it’s just such a total honor to be included in an art show celebrating something that I love to listen to while I…make art! XD It’s like going full circle in a way. But yeah, I won’t be able to be there since I kinda found out yesterday, but the event’s going to be wicked cool, though I ask that if anyone =is= going if they could take a pic of my piece on the wall so I can show my mom, that’d be awesome. So yeah, definitely up there in my top 5 best moments ever.

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