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I wanted a shark...


So yeah, I was originally gonna end this fight quite a bit differently, but then figured it'd be more fun to showcase some of Ninja's more interesting abilities, as well as his own player personality quirks, which, alas, will be explained in more detail on the next page. So yeah, expect more ninjutsu to come! =D

I should also point out that I wanted ninja’s hand signal motions to kind of look like the motions a baseball catcher gives to a pitcher, because that’s kind of the first thing I thought of when drawrin’ that pose XD

Also, please keep voting, cuz again, the comics are updated every other day, and the higher we are on the list the more traffic I get ^^ So it's really win-win here people! Once again, to vote, simply click on the little blue âTWCâ? button located right next to where the store banner is, and then identify the thing it asks you to do to prove you're not a bot or whatever, and then kablammo"comicky goodness.

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