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Epic headache

So I've had this headache for the past 3 days, and yesterday it hit an epic hurt mark so it was a real struggle to get the inks done. In any event, I opted to go to bed earlier, so colors will come later on in the afternoon. No worries though.

Of course, you can vote and see a comic right now! =D


New stuff

So yes, first off, don’t forget to vote! If you didn’t notice sunday, there’s a new incentive comic up (remember, every other day for new ones!), and you can check it out by clicking on that little blue TWC button between the newspost and the comic, follow the silly thing it asks you to do, and then kablammo–awesome new comic.

Secondly, I added a new donation wallpaper for the month! I’m starting to get back on track (soon I’ll tackle my email!!), so I whipped up this illustration for the season. It’s really cute, features Lilly and the gang trick-or-treating with cool light sourcey effects. Donate at least a buck and its yours!

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