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What's so funny?


So first off, when they're laughing in the top right panel, I imagine them saying âNinja Jediâ? in the same tone of voice that Jabba the Hutt says âPuny Jediâ? in RotJ. Because THAT'S how much of a nerd I am.

Moving on, NEW VOTE INCENTIVE COMICS HAVE BEEN ADDED!! Its a new strip I made up based on my DnD campaign that I play with my friends, and I've added strips for the whole month! Though to give everyone a chance to check it out, I've set it to update every other day so if you forget to vote one day, then you'll still be able to catch it the next day. However, it'd be great if you could vote every day, because then it moves up Mystic Rev in the rankings, and that's always a good thing. But yeah, to vote, simple click on the little blue âTWCâ? box that's right below the comic on the right. That'll take you to some screen where it'll make you identify something, and then once through you'll see the comic! Yay! So yes vote every day to see new comics, because its a fun series and yeah, more comics always are a good thing!

Also have two new shirts that'll be debuting soon, too, so keep your eyes peeled!! =D

EDIT: Finished off the wallpaper for the month! It’s Halloween themed (natch), and has all the characters dressed up and trick or treating! I really dig the way this one came out–All light sourcey and everything! Donate at least a buck and its yours! =D

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