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Two peanuts

Oh man"

That peanut joke? Yeah, that's one of Brion's regular jokes. Every time we meet someone new (or at least, new to him) he runs through this list of zingers, and now, you guys will have the privilege of hearing the list. So aren't you all the lucky bunch ;x

EDIT: Forgot to mention that bottom row, far right is my DnD character, Shard. Kitty girl, second row left (making the face) is my Final Fantasy XI character, Gothgirl, while next to her is Brion’s FFXI character, Maytag. Top right with the purple hair and greyish skin is my main WoW character, Telemasca, and since you can’t really see, she’s not a night elf, she’s a draenei, which I kinda made into a catgirl because I figured the cat ears would be closest to horns x.x Everyone else is sadly, just lame filler characters =X

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