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Holy cow, so I totally had soooo much fun coloring this page and all its glowies. It really makes me want to make more special effect characters so I can fiddle around with glow effects XD The ghost/soul effect I kinda lifted from a tutorial I saw on coloring Karolina Dean from Runaways. Sadly this tutorial was a panel at Anime Expo, so I can’t link it, but I’m sure if you nicely send a note to Christina Strain, Runaways colorist, she’ll tell you how to do it properly (since mine’s kinda the lazy man’s version =x ) Of course, someday I really gotta do some sort of tutorial-thingie….especially since I feel my colorings at a place where people could learn stuff….even though I’m still fiddling around with what I like/don’t like.

Right now I’m on a kick where I’m not too into making a highlight layer. For instance, this page, no highlights. this page had highlights, though selectively so. I kinda don’t really like how it washes out their skin tones, so I’m thinking I’ll only add them when its really, really necessary to differentiate between foreground/background, instead of, again, having a general “screen” layer, which is what I was doing before.

Of course, its entirely possible this “no highlight” kick’ll end in the next couple pages, but for now I kinda dig it =D


Star Wars: The Old Republic


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