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Speech Balloons

This comic took longer to color because I forgot to draw in the speech balloons when I was inking my page, and by the time I realized it, it was too late. I usually hand-draw all my speech balloons–not because I want to be more “manga” or whatever, but because that leads to 1. Less stuff I have to draw, 2. Less stuff I have to ink, and most importantly, 3. Less stuff I have to color. Because speech balloons end up taking up a lot of space, especially this page, which, I admit has a helluva lot of dialog. By forgetting to draw them in, I gave myself easily an extra hour, two hours of work drawing in the stuff I normally wouldn’t have to draw. But that’s ok, because the point is, it’s all done and up now.

Just figured I’d explain why the balloons weren’t wonky-looking like usual x.x

Also, I’m making it a point on my agenda to get around to answering my email! So if you’ve asked me a question or something, you’ll get an answer this week! ^^

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