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Interlude 3 part 2

Comic late

Gah, I was only able to get my inks done yesterday, but the storm knocked out our internet so I couldn’t post them on time. BUT since, it’s morning now, I might as well finish off the colors. It’ll be up later on today, so don’t worry!! Sorry guys! x.x



Yay! The last of the interludes, I swear!

Anyway, I will be doing a workshop at Wizard World Chicago/Chicago Comic-Con on sunday in room C/the J. Kirby room. It’ll be me demoing how to do a splash page manga style, so I decided I’m gonna show you all the steps for drawing the next MR cover! They’re gonna hook me up with a projector and everything, so it’ll be awesome! ^^ But yeah, Sunday’s kids day, so if you have kids, bring ‘em along! I don’t know officially what it’s called, but again, it’s the J. Kirby room/Room C at 3-4 pm. I will not have a table in Wizard’s Artist’s Alley, but I will be walking around sunday! ^^

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