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CTcon 2009!

Connecticon 2009

Ok! So the last convention of the year (technically) for us was Connecticon! Connecticon is a special, awesome con because it’s small so we can more easily chat and hang out with people. Plus, since most of our webcomic friends are all on the east coast anyway, it’s totally the great reunion con, since Otakon is way too hectic for anyone to properly get together and hang out.

But yes, for those who haven’t heard, the great prank this year was Chris Malone (who we got to sit next to and have a jolly time with) stealing Brian Wilson’s website. Shawn Handyside, as the appropriately named “Mr. X” was going to try to win it to dump his shirt ads all over the site, but apparently he’d rather spend money on his kid’s “college fund". You can watch a full video of the thing over here.

Next, the long, unfilled promise of pie was finally fulfilled by the original promiser of said pie, Peter T of Bardsworth! It was quite delicious, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. He also assures me that now that all his stuff’s in order, he can update with new pages again, so for those of you who’re Bardsworth fans, the wait for new strips is almost over!

At the afterparty, Shawn’s kid Sophie started playing around with my hedgehog by tossing it down the stairs and having it chase her. Since the ‘hog’s about as big as she is, the image was…priceless.

Also, Jess really is a culinary wizard. The lemon pudding thingie she made for us was sooooo insanely good, and then when she was describing the process of “infusing” lavender into something, it was totally like listening to some sort of magickal science stuff. And since magic science = tasty, it is full of win.

I totally wish I had more panels, but I think that Yuko made a totally awesome comic about the crazy game of poker that went down between Dave, Brion, Scott, Shawn, Yuko, and Ananth. Karianne and I got knocked out early, so we spent our time in the spare room watching True Blood on HBO. Man that show is awesome.

But yes, shout outs to Steve N of Dueling Analogs for being a lovely table neighbor (and for also having a really, really comprehensive list of everyone who was all there, in addition to an awesome comic), the amazing O of Commissioned for sweet Columbian coffee-smuggling racket (I esspects my coffees, sir), Mookie because he’s always a joy to be around, and Dave and Christine for being super-sweet as usual and taking some video for me (if only you all coulda stayed longer =( ).

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