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Interlude 3 part 1

My bad x.x

Soooo, once again, I am prove my own stupidity–the comic for monday was totally done, like, finished, ready to be uploaded and everything, I just forgot to put it in the queue. Because I suck x.x

Anyway, it has been fixed. Enjoy the interlude! I’m thinking Wednesday will be a con report comic and then friday will be the second page of it.

Also, I will be attending Wizard World Chicago this weekend for a panel on Sunday teaching kids to draw in manga style. All I know right now is that it’s going to be at around 3 pm and last for about an hour. I’m going to be demoing how to do a splash page or something like that, and I hope if I can get my prep work done that I’ll be able to show some inking techniques too. I’ll give you guys more details once I get them, but in the mean time once more it’s on sunday at 3, and it’ll be fun because you can see my draw and make lame jokes as I attempt to explain myself x.x

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