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San Diego Comic Con 2009

San Diego Comic con (and connecticon!)

Don’t forget guys, Connecticon is this weekend, so come visit me in the dealer’s room! ^^

Next, as far as Comic Con goes, even though it’s the biggest, craziest, and longest convention we go to, it is by far the best run convention that I’ve ever been too–and consistently so! Love them for that!! And holy crap, this is the first con where I sold out of all the books I brought! Thanks guys!!! Brion sold out on the beginning of saturday, so he spent the rest of the weekend selling my books (I epically fail at selling x.x ). Next, the nerdy cop was awesome! We spent like, 10 minutes talking to the guy about anime and stuff, and it was really funny because unlike the other cops directing con traffic to the trains, he was really nice and helped people figure out what trollys they needed to take. Also, that options conversation was copied down verbatim—sooooo funny. Comic con these days has loads of movie and TV people shopping around for the next big thing, in fact, that’s how Dirk managed to get his books featured on Heroes!

Cool people I rolled with (and whose comics are awesome!!):
Snafu Dave (now with art by Matt Herms!)
Jennie Breedan
The Misfile guy
Dirk (there’re finally werewolves!!)
The Striptease/Punch n’ Pie guy (congratulations! In my google search for your comic you beat out the movie and the pr0n sites!)
The Applegeeks!
And others whose names I sadly can’t remember. Sorry guys!!

But yes, huge, HUGE thanks to all the wonderful people that donated foodstuffs. When it’s just the two of us, it’s hard for us to leave to grab things to eat, so we really appreciate the snacks! ^^

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