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Guest Strip: Advantages to making friends with Adm

Otakon 2009

Gah, Otakon this year was a nightmare. First off table registration was posted, unannounced, a bare 2 months before the convention, so we weren’t able to get tables on our own. Luckily, Shawn gave us his table, otherwise we wouldn’tve been able to come at all =\ But yeah, Shawn was in the dealer’s room, and apparently this year we couldn’t get our table without him physically being there, and it was one giant mess that left me so angry that when I finally got to Shawn I let out that rant minus the beeps. But Shawn’s reaction was perfect, “Huh, ok, yeah, I’ll go with ya". Love you Shawn!!

But yes, bad organization and red tape aside, it was GREAT meeting everyone!! We loved meeting all the fans, and everyone was super nice, and our helpers were AMAZING! Also, while we were in Baltimore we had the opportunity to go this chinese food place called Ding How, which claimed in front that it was the best Chinese food in all of Baltimore, and it was totally right! If you go, you HAVE to get the orange roughy (I can’t remember what its official name is), as it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. So good!!!

Also, shout outs to:

Brian Wilson
Steve N.
Hawk and Ananth
and our disappearing neighbor, Kroze!

Thank you everyone for making a con that started out crappy end great! ^^



Ok, so the second part of the wonderful guest comic set by Philippe of Moose River! Thank you so much, Philippe (even if the second one was late, grrr! ).

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at Comic Con!! Next up is Connecticon where we’ll be in the dealer’s room instead of the artist’s alley. I’ll be sharing a table with Flipside, so it might be a little tough to find me, but he’ll have his pretty Maytag banner up so that’s much easier to see ^^

After that I’m DONE, and thank god because working cons is really rough on the body + mind–too much sensory overload in too short a timespan x.x I’m already feeling kinda sniffly, but don’t worry, I plan to stay in bed and rest up so I’ll be peachy keen for the CTcon readers! ^^

I’m thinking Wednesday I’ll post Ota’s con report comic, Friday’ll be SDCC’s con report comic, and then I’ll have an MR interlude comic for the following Monday/Friday, so that way I’ll have enough time to recover and post new pages. Not to mention coloring that last page because I envision it looking REALLY COOL and not like, flatted x.x

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