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Guest Strip: Where'd this shark come from?


So, silly me, forgot to post this guest strip before I left (it was supposed to update on monday), thinking, “Oh, I’ll post it with my laptop from the road” …..forgetting that said laptop was in the shop. Nevertheless, this wonderfully weird guest strip was done by the always amazing Brion Foulke of Flipside. Check out his comic, it is t3h awesome.

Totally got back from Otakon late last night, and tomorrow we’re off to the San Diego Comic Con, where we will be in the small press at table O1. So yeah, be sure to swing by, bring pie, and say hi ^^ I AM A RHYMING GOD!

Schedule for this week: Con report comic either tomorrow or Friday (Depending on when I get this guest strip I’m expecting…..), then probably another guest strip, another con report comic, and then an MR interlude story because they’re cute and fun to draw =X

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