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Badge Art Filler

More colorin’ stuffs

So even though I totally failed at making the eclipse-with-arrows actually look like it’s eclipsing (yes, it’s a verb now) in panel 3, I’m still really happy with the way the coloring came out on this page. Especially the firey bits. I’m continuing to study all the amazing comic colorists that I stalk on deviantART, and this time I borrowed some ideas from this guy, specifically the stuff he’s done with Deadpool. I just love the palette he uses, especially when dealing with a guy whose costume is bright red. So yeah, I’m testing new things, and liking some of the results. Aspiring artists out there–ALWAYS try new things, study from other artists, etc, as if you don’t learn new tricks your art will stop growing/improving/getting more interesting.


Badge Art

So yeah, figured that since these things came out so wonderfully that I’d share them with you all for today’s filler. Basically, these are going to be the character badges that I’ll be selling at the upcoming conventions I’m going to (like Anime Expo), and they look really great all printed out and stuff! If I have enough left over, I’ll probably put the rest in the store for those of you from Europe and other faraway places that may want some =)

But yes, I’m finally hoooooome!! I’m so excited to finally be able to sleep in my own bed again and have a break…at least until the July con-crunch. So yes, lots of work to be done to get a buffer of pages ready so that none of you will go wanting! ^^

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