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So, still stranded in Oklahoma, but it looks like we’ll be spending the night here instead of getting a rent-a-car or whatever, so that means I can actually get my page done! Yay!! ^^


In which the trip slowly devolves into a horror movie….

So we were driving along back to Texas for this family reunion thing, when….DISASTER STRUCK! The van we were driving busted a fuel pump, so we’re currently stuck in Miami, Oklahoma, which sadly, isn’t really anything like Miami, Florida. The rental car place apparently doesn’t have any cars big enough for 4 people+suitcases (which is oddly ironic… ), so they have to drive 3 hours away or something to get an actual car for us to rent.

…somehow, I foresee this ending by the mountain people claiming our skins for cloaks.

Comic’ll be updated Friday, but probably later than originally expected. I have the page on my external drive, I got my laptop+tablet, so yeah, as long as we can dodge unforseen Leatherface attacks I should still be able to update friday afternoon.



So, first off, I'm finally mailing out the sketches I owed people. Holy crap, I cannot begin to apologize enough, but I appreciate everyone's patience!!

Speaking of donation sketches, you'll notice I FINALLY uploaded a new donation wallpaper, and it's pretty sexy too, to commemorate the fight of Gothgirl and Featherae. Donate at least a buck and it's yours! ^^

Next, for those who didn't catch the announcement Friday, Mystic Revolution is now on Shark Robot! So that means from now on Dave will be handling your orders, not me, so they'll actually get there on time and stuff! Also, we now have both shirts available in babydoll cuts, so ladies rejoice!

Lastly, my July convention schedule is as follows:
Anime Expo: July 2-5
Otakon: July 17-19th (pending on us getting a table =\\\
San Diego Comic Con: July 22-26 (We'll be at table O1
Connecticon: July 31-Aug 2 (dealer's room)

So yes, busy, busy July! But it'll be fun, I get to meet all ya, so make sure you swing by and say hi! ^^

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