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Not exactly shadow possession".

So when I was first thinking of this idea, honestly, that kid with the shadow possession jutsu totally didn't enter into my mind. I just thought it would be cool if as like, a debuff spell, Nightmare Soldier's could have a paralyze effect through"shadows (since they use limited dark magickz). So yeah, I was like, âThis is gonna be awesome, it's gonna be like a claw, and it's gonna be all like, RAWR!! And she's gonna freak out! And it'z gonna be awesome!!â? (because that's how I talk when I describe my plotlines"those who've seen me at cons know this). So yeah, didn't realize it when I drew it. Didn't really realize when I inked it. It was only when I scanned the damn page where I was like, âCrap".Stupid #@1ing Naruto"â?

Except my spell works differently since she'd still be able to move around afterwards!! It just keeps the target anchored to the ground"she could still attack, but there's a percentage (say".20%? 30% What's a good percentage?) that her attack could fail. So really, it's more like Hold Person from D&D"except with a cool claw shadow thingie. So screw you Shikamaru! Screw you up your stupid butt!

Yeah, I showed that fictional character who was boss. Word.

Don't forget! A-Kon is this coming weekend! Be sure to swing by and see me!!! ^^


Coloring and other things

So for those who haven’t noticed, for the last, say, 10 or so pages I’ve been totally trying to step up my coloring style. I’m still not entirely happy with it, but I’ve been borrowing techniques from my most favoritest colorist ever, and I think progress is beginning to appear, especially in this latest page (as Brion commented regarding the first panel, “Wow, good coloring can really overcome a sloppy drawing!"). That’s another thing I’ve been meaning to do–draw a helluva lot more backgrounds to hopefully get a better hang of perspective and stuff…but sadly, I’ve totally been in this “I don’ wanna do anything…” funk, so that hasn’t happened x.x Someday though!

I’ll also be attending A-Kon next weekend, so be sure to swing by and say hi! We’ll be in the Artist’s Alley, where all the webcomics are, and I think Juno might make us do some panels, too, so uh…yay for being able to see me look like an idiot! XD

Next, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn to appear in new Marvel series! And there may even be Tim Gunn action figures!! *squeals with fangirlish delight*

Speaking of Project Runway, Bravo’s new show, The Fashion Show, is pretty terrible. The reason I love Project Runway is because it’s the closest we’ll get to seeing the artistic process on TV (as watching someone draw/paint is as interesting as…well, watching paint dry), as we get to see them go from concept sketches, to preliminary materials, assembly, and then watch the final product moving around. In The Fashion Show, you don’t really see them thinking about what they’re going to do, and they don’t really spend any time talking about what their inspiration for what their doing is. Second, there’s no Tim Gunn equivalent–instead, the hosts kinda walk around and nod, and then when they’re out of the designers sight they make snarky comments–no critiques or helpful advice for the designers, just off camera quips. Third, when the models are walking down the runway, it’s like watching a Michael Bay movie–the cuts are so quick, that you never get to see the whole outfit! What the hell is the point of watching a fashion show if you can’t see….the fashion?! Lastly, when the designers were being critiqued at the end, it was only the top and bottom two that had their models come out, which sucked, because again, the other designers can’t really get critiqued, and also because aside from the top/bottom guys, I have no idea who did what!! The one cool thing about the show is that they have fashion buyers voting on their favorite designs, but if the judges are refusing to make their critiques known to the designers, how are they supposed to get better?

Yeah, I know….I just love me my Tim!! Make it work people! ^^

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