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Anime Central 2009!

Regarding the Acen comic

So ok, first of all, Acen was awesome. Not quite as awesome as last year since my head was still soupy from gradu-mu-ating (ceremony's on wednesday, w00t!), but still awesome, nonetheless, especially since I managed to con Dave, Shawn, Scott and Karianne(I swear to god, I am soooo sorry that I'll never be able to spell your name right x.x ) to come! So yes, it's always fun hanging out with buds you don't get to see all that often, especially when it leads to long nights playing smash brothers.

In any event, yes, I did get to meet the Mac Hall guys, and yes, it totally was that awkward. Luckily, it was offset by the even more awkward event of this random girl coming up to us and just saying âHi", standing there as if waiting for us to say something other than âhiâ? back"as we all kind of nervously glanced at her, she proceeded to go, âI don't know any of you guys, but I'm going to stand here anyway". It was hypothesized that illegal substances were involved.

Next, my wonderful friend heather dressed up as gothgirl! She looked sooooooo cute, and as soon as I stop being lazy I'll post my own pictures as they were wonderful! ^^ (but in the meantime it’ll take you to a photo my friend Stacy took of her holding up THE BEST BOOK EVER)

Finally, Scott and Karianne stayed a day later to hang out, and sadly everything that could go wrong while Scott was driving"did. First off their gps led them to the super-shady side of Scarytown (my new name for where we live, borrowed from this comic), where Scott was cut off by a guy running a red or something and told, âGo back to shineytown!!â? Now, we have proposed several theories: 1. That's some weird name for Canada. 2. They meant âChi-Town", short for Chicago, which is silly since that's where they were 3. They meant âChinatownâ? which perhaps is a GTA reference? In any event, after the night was over scott managed to turn left on red, and a bunch of other unfortunate directions, Scott was one step away from going Hulk. But everyone else had a good time, so hopefully it wasn't all that bad. Chicago's a really great city, I swear! x.x

Non-acen related news, I found this while looking through the internet. Check it out to be impressed. You will not regret it.

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