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You can't forgive me?!

Mother%$#ing A!!!

Peter Dinklage (the guy from The Station Agent) is gonna play Tyrion Lannister in the Game of Thrones pilot for HBO!!! This TOTALLY made me do a fangirl “squee” because he is absolutely the PERFECT guy to play Tyrion, as he is quite possibly one of the greatest actors ever (I mean, his eyes are the only good part of Prince Caspian–seriously, just mute the movie and watch his eyes, they’re awesome XDD ). So yes, I totally can’t wait to see the pilot, as I know it’s gonna be sooo awesome. And since it’s HBO you know they’re gonna stay true to the tone of the books. ^^

Anyway, once again, please come by to see me at Acen this weekend! It’ll be lots of fun, and tons of webcomics’ll be there too!


Fantastic Four

Ever wonder how the Fantastic Four decided on all their names? Listen here to find out! Sooooo funny.

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