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All these I can teach you

Tuxedo Kamen-samaaaa!!!!

Yes, I can't help it. I love my Sailor Moon"I am so a girl XDD

The little √Ę‚¨ŇBrrrrung!√Ę‚¨? was a reference to that weird sound that'd come up whenever he'd throw one of those roses.

Stuff coming up!! First off, because I fail at remembering things, Anime Central is coming up this weekend! I'll totally be there, and have all my MR goods in tow, and I'll also be taking commissions. I don't have a lot of new stuff this time"on account of portfolio stuff taking up all my time, but I did do some cute badge designs that I hope will be ready in time for the con. Next convention I'll be at will be A-Kon, and there should be more cool stuffs then.

Second, I actually made myself a little illustration/sketch blog to go along with the redesign of

I also started getting into the Legend of the Seeker"newest show made by the guys behind Hercules and Xena. It's not quite as jokey as the first two, and apparently doesn't really go along w/ the book series that it's based on, but it's still pretty fun. The costume designs and the locations are really wonderful, and the action scenes are pretty cool tool. Not the best show, but entertaining, and I'm a sucker for fantasy stuff.


Oh my.

These last couple’ve pages have been so much fun because:
1. Lourdes’ facial expressions have been soooo much fun to draw
2. Those little shiney marks are soooo much fun XDD

And the “brunnnng!” sound effect will be discussed on Monday. There’s a girly reveal on the next page, and I don’t want to give anything away by explaining my thought process quite yet.

Haven’t made new incentives yet, but I will work on that! I have materials, just haven’t gotten around to makin’ ‘em into comics. But slowly but surely I’m getting back into my groove! ^^